NAGF News Bullets for Bi-Week ending 7/29/2022

NAGF News Bullets for Bi-Week ending 7/29/2022

  • Upcoming NAGF Conference Calls/Webinars
    • NAGF SRT Monthly Webinar: August 3rd @ 11:00-12:00 pm Eastern
    • NAGF CIP Working Group Monthly Webinar: August 9th @ 02:00-03:00 pm Eastern
    • NAGF Cold Weather Prep Working Group Webinar – Project 2021-07 Draft #2 EOP-012 review/comment development: August 10th @ 02:00-03:00 pm Eastern


  • NERC 2022 State of Reliability Report

Published on July 20, 2022, the annual State of Reliability highlights the health of the interconnected system and the effectiveness of reliability risk mitigation activities. Based on data and information collected on grid performance in 2021, NERC identified six key findings and actions to address them.

Full Announcement | 2022 State of Reliability​ | 2022 State of Reliability Infographic


  • Call for NAGF Membership to Assist with Planning the 2022 NAGF Annual Meeting

The NAGF Annual Meeting is an important and beneficial perk of membership. We are however in jeopardy of not being able to pull off a 2022 meeting, either virtually or in-person. NERC is fully supporting us once again and is willing to host an in-person meeting but without the help of membership, it cannot happen. We are not asking any one or two people to do all the work. We are asking for a contingency of members to take on distinct roles that collectively will get us to a robust meeting. What does it entail you ask? Well, you have to attend the virtual planning meetings. You have to manage the actions assigned to the role you take on. You are not assigned a role – you choose the role that interests you. There is always concern that individuals don’t have the bandwidth to help out and continue to perform their day job. If we can get more than the two or three people, no one person has to do all the heavy lifting. This makes the planning manageable with our real jobs. You don’t have to take on a role that requires you to attend the meeting in person or to speak publicly or to ask for money. Find something that appeals to your creative or sales person or funny side. Here are some the roles that are typically a part of the planning effort:

  • Communicating with potential speakers about topics and logistics
  • Working with sponsors
  • Assembling the Agenda Package

We currently have a meeting scheduled for August 10. We really hope you can join us and help pull-off the best Annual Meeting to-date. Please feel free to contact Venona Greaff ( to volunteer.


  • Hold the Date: EPRI, ESIG, NAGF, and NERC Joint Generator Interconnection Workshop

This online workshop will cover the important relationships between interconnection process reforms and new standards for inverter-based resources. The workshop will provide education on both topics and how they interact for improving the generation interconnection process and ensuring more economic, sustainable, and reliable operation of the future grid.

This workshop will provide technical understanding of each topic area, in a way that facilitates constructive discussion and thoughtful feedback. While panelists will include engineering and technical experts on each topic, the workshop is intended for a broad engineering, policy, and decision-maker audience. The workshop includes three, half-day online sessions on August 9, 10, and 11. Participation in all three days is recommended but not required. You will need to register separately for each half-day session you plan to attend. Materials and recordings will be available for all sessions to those that registered at the conclusion of the workshop. There is no charge for the workshop.

Registration details are below:





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