Energy Storage Workshop, Peer Review, and NPCC


NAGF – ESIG Frequency Response and Energy Storage Workshop

NERC, the NAGF and ESIG are in the process of planning a two-day workshop to be held in late August or early September. There is much interest in the accelerating growth of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) and entities are seeking knowledge on the technical, operational and economic aspects of BESS. NERC would like to hold the workshop at their Washington D.C. Office, teleconference in their Atlanta Office to allow for many additional attendees and possibly even include a WebEx. NERC would like presenters at both locations. After discussions between NERC, the NAGF and ESIG, the proposed workshop agenda is:

Day 1:

– Battery Storage (technical aspects, services provided, and economics)

Day 2:

– Order 842 (Primary Frequency Response w synchronous verses non-synchronous machines)

– Distributed Energy Resources (modeling and planning)

The NAGF will provide additional information to membership regarding this workshop as it becomes available.

NAGF Peer Review Working Group – Volunteers Needed

The NAGF Peer Review WG is available to provide a peer review to the next volunteer organization or plant. This value add service can be tailored to suit, covering multiple focus areas (Compliance, Protection Systems & Maintenance, Cyber/Physical Security, Operations, etc.) or specific areas that are of interest to the volunteer organization/plant. The NAGF Peer Review service is a great way for entities to strengthen their compliance program, improve resiliency as well as operations, and share best practices with other generation facilities. If you are interested to volunteer a facility for a Peer Review or want additional information, please contact Mike Gabriel

NPCC 2019 Spring Compliance and Standards Workshop

The NPCC 2019 Spring Compliance and Standards workshop was held on May 22 – 23, 2019 in Groton, Connecticut. Wayne Sipperly – NAGF Executive Coordinator attended and provided a presentation on the NAGF including recent activities and initiatives. The workshop materials and presentations can be found here:


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