NERC MRC Meeting, NERC Technical Committee Structure, and NPCC DER Forum


NERC Member Representatives and Board of Trustees Meetings May 8thand 9th

Jim Robb, NERC President and CEO outlined four key areas that the ERO will focus on in the coming year:

  • The E-ISAC Strategic Plan
  • Priority areas including western Reliability Coordinator functions, inverters, supply chain, electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and CIP standards refinements
  • ERO effectiveness and efficiency, including the Standards Efficiency Review, the new Align compliance tool implementation and stakeholder engagement and committee structure
  • Business plans and budgets

The meeting summary can be found here (slides 29-44):

NERC Technical Committee Structure

NERC as part of its ongoing effort to enhance Effectiveness and Efficiency is moving forward with its analysis of the Technical Committees structure which will impact the Operating, Planning and Critical Infrastructure Protection Committees. NERC’s goals are to:

  • Effectively address the increasing overlap between the committees
  • Achieve a higher level of industry participation (effectiveness) and cost-effectively
  • Leverage subject matter expertise (efficiency)

The proposed changes will:

  • Unwind the CIPC, OC and PC and form a new Reliability Council
  • The Reliability Council will report to the Board and will oversee the work of Subcommittees, Working Groups, and Task Forces
  • Evaluate existing Subcommittees to eliminate those with no recurring responsibilities and combine those with overlapping responsibilities

NPCC Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Forum

On May 16th, NPCC held the subject forum kickoff meeting. The purpose of this forum is to provide open discussions of DER issues, enhance awareness, understand the impacts to the BES, and facilitate integration of DER. Presentations can be found here:


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