NAGF News Bullets for Bi-Week ending 3/11/2022

  • Upcoming NAGF Conference Calls/Webinars
    • NAGF Quarterly Member Discussion Webinar: March 21th @ 01:00-02:00 pm Eastern
    • FERC INSM NOPR – finalize NAGF Comments: March 22nd @ 02:00-03:00 pm Eastern
    • NAGF Variable Resources Working Group Monthly Webinar: March 23rd @ 11:00-12:00 pm ET

Log on to the NAGF website ( ) members section and go to the Calendar to access event details.

  • NAGF Formal Comments submitted for NERC Projects

The NAGF worked with membership to develop and submit NAGF comments for the following project:

Project 2022-02 Modifications to TPL-001-5.1 and MOD-032-1 (

The NAGF comments can be found in the NAGF website file cabinet under the “ NERC Submissions” folder.

  • NERC 6 GHz Task Force Impact Survey

The 6GHz Task Force is responsible for investigating the reliability impacts regarding the 6 GHz band of the radio spectrum which is widely used by a broad array of industries responsible for critical infrastructure such as electric, gas and water utilities, railroads, and wireless carriers, as well as by public safety and law enforcement officials. The task force has created a survey to help determine the electric industry’s use of the 6 GHz band and gather information related to risk of harmful interference in the 6 GHz spectrum.

6GHzTF Home Page and link to Assessment Survey

  • Hold the Date: FERC, NERC, and REs Technical Conference on Improving Generator Units Winter-readiness

The subject 2-day conference is scheduled for April 27 & 28th, 11:00-05:00 pm. The purpose of this conference is to discuss how to improve the winter-readiness of generating units, including best practices, lessons learned and increased use of the NERC Guidelines, as recommended in the Joint February 2021 Cold Weather Outages Report.

FERC, NERC and Regional Entities Technical Conference: Improving Winter-readiness of Generating Units | Federal Energy Regulatory Commission




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