NAGF News Bullets for Bi-Week ending 11/19/2021

  • NERC 2021-2022 Winter Reliability Assessment

NERC’s assessment for the upcoming winter finds that reliability risk is elevated in regions that are especially vulnerable to extreme weather, natural gas supply disruptions and low hydro conditions:

  • ERCOT – electric demand could exceed capacity reserves under extreme scenarios.
  • California and New England – limited gas infrastructure combined with prolonged periods of cold weather could result in curtailments to generators.
  • Western United States and Canada – drought conditions have reduced available hydro generation and thus the supply of electricity available for transfer.

Note that the assessment methodology, which previously had been focused on capacity, normal climate conditions, and generator outages, has been revised to focus on energy needs and the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions.

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  • FERC, NERC, and RE’s Staff Final Report – February 2021 Cold Weather Event in South Central U.S. and Texas

The subject report has been published and is available on the NERC website home page. This 300-page analysis underscores preliminary recommendations released earlier this fall. The final report includes additional details regarding the need to strengthen rules for cold weather preparedness and coordination to prevent a recurrence of last winter’​​s blackouts.​

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