ESIG Inverter-Based Resource Modeling Webinar, 2019 Generator Freq Response Survey update, more…


Energy Systems Integration Group (ESIG) Inverter-Based Resource Modeling/Verification Webinar

ESIG is holding the subject webinar on December 17th, 02:00-03:00 pm Eastern to discuss the latest industry efforts focusing on accurate modeling and model verification activities for bulk power system-connected inverter-based resources. Additional webinar information and registration is available per the following link:

Eastern and Western Interconnection 2019 Generator Frequency Response Survey – Update

Survey responses were due November 22, 2019. The Balancing Authorities are currently organizing and summarizing the survey information in preparation for submittal to NERC by December 22, 2019. The NAGF will keep members updated as this effort progresses.

NAGF 2020 Dues Invoices

The 2020 NAGF Membership dues invoices were sent out on December 1, 2019 to each member company’s primary contact. Payment options include:

  • Contacting Jim Rappach, NAGF Treasurer, at (614-716-2189) to pay by credit card
  • Mail a check to the NAGF PO box
  • ACH bank transfer

Payment is requested by January 31, 2020. For questions on dues invoices, please contact Jim Rappach – NAGF Treasurer


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