NERC Board Request for NAGF, NERC Alert, and NERC Restructuring


NERC Alert – Supply Chain

During the quarterly Trades and Forums call, NERC announced they will be issuing a NERC Alert over supply chain concerns regarding certain Chinese suppliers. The Alert will most likely be issued on Monday 7/22 with the requirement to provide the information by the end of August. The Alert will be asking if companies have various types of equipment from certain Chinese equipment suppliers installed in their BES Cyber Assets, EACMS, PACS and PCAs.

Restructuring NERC Technical Committees

As a part of its effort to improve effectiveness and efficiency, NERC is proposing the existing NERC technical committee structure (i.e., Critical Infrastructure Protection Committee (CIPC), Operating Committee (OC), and Planning Committee (PC)) be replaced with a Reliability and Security Council (RSC). The RSC would report to the NERC Board of Trustees and focus on managing the work of the various subcommittees, working groups, and task forces organized to address specific risks to reliability and security. The RSC would be composed of a chair and vice chair, one representative per sector (Sectors 1-10 and 12), 20 at-large representatives, and five non-voting members, for a total of 38 members. The proposal is attached for reference.

The NERC Board requests the NAGF submit to the MRC policy input on the following:

  1. The proposal to replace the NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection Committee, OC, and PC with the RSC.
  2. The proposed participation model of the RSC.
  3. The best way to implement the transition from three technical committees to the RSC.

Please provide your input/comments to me by the close of business on Wednesday July 24th. I will consolidate the comments received and submit to NERC accordingly.



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