NAGF News Bullets for Bi-Week ending 4/7/2023

NAGF News Bullets for Bi-Week ending 4/7/2023

  • Upcoming NAGF Conference Calls/Webinars
    • NAGF Policy Input Development Webinar: April 18th @ 02:00-03:00 pm Eastern
    • NAGF Cold Weather Preparedness Working Group Monthly Webinar: April 19th @ 02:00-03:00 pm Eastern
    • NAGF Variable Resources Working Group Monthly Webinar: April 26th @ 11:00-12:00 pm Eastern

(Webinar information can be found on the NAGF website Event Calendar.)

  • NAGF 1Q2023 Quarterly Newsletter

The subject newsletter was sent to membership on April 4, 2023. This edition includes updates on the formal comments submitted by the NAGF on active NERC projects, NAGF Policy Input for the February NERC BOD meeting, new NAGF member companies, Working Group activities, and much more. All NAGF newsletters are available on the NAGF website dashboard news page and in the file cabinet under the “Organizational Documents\Newsletters” folder. Please feel free to contact me with any comments or suggestions for future newsletters.

  • NERC Releases Recap of Technical Session’s Inverter-Based Resource Panel

At its February Board of Trustees meeting, NERC introduced the addition of technical sessions to each quarterly in-person Member Representatives Committee/Board meeting to foster deep discussion into current risks. The inaugural technical session focused on three topics: winter preparations, recent physical attacks, and the integration of inverter-based resources. NERC has released a recap summarizing key takeaways from the technical session’​s panel discussion that focused on integrating rapidly growing levels of inverter-based resources on the grid. The discussion focused on the provision of essential reliability services and the need to continue to study future grid conditions to further assist with maintaining reliability.            



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