NAGF News Bullets for Bi-Week ending 3/10/2023

NAGF News Bullets for Bi-Week ending 3/10/2023

  • Upcoming NAGF Conference Calls/Webinars
    • NAGF CIP Working Group Monthly Webinar: March 14th @ 02:00-03:00 pm Eastern
    • NAGF Quarterly Member Discussion Webinar: March 16th @ 02:00-03:00 pm Eastern
    • NAGF Variable Resources Working Group Monthly Webinar: March 22nd @ 11:00-12:00 pm Eastern
    • NAGF Cold Weather Preparedness Working Group Monthly Webinar: March 22nd @ 02:00-03:00 Eastern

(Webinar information can be found on the NAGF website Event Calendar.)


  • Whitehouse Releases National Cybersecurity Strategy

On March 02, 2023, the Biden Administration released the 2023 National Cybersecurity Strategy that envisions a digital future that is resilient, collaboratively and effectively defensible, and driven by values that respect human rights and fundamental freedoms. To realize this vision, we must make fundamental shifts in how the United States allocates roles, responsibilities, and resources in cyberspace. The Strategy is built around the following five pillars:

    • Defend critical infrastructure;
    • Disrupt and dismantle threats by malicious cyber actors;
    • Shape market forces to drive security and resilience;
    • Invest in a resilient future; and
    • Forge international partnerships to pursue shared goals.

The Strategy asserts that in addressing these five pillars, two fundamental shifts in the roles, responsibilities, and resources in cyberspace must occur:

    • Stewardship of the digital ecosystem must shift away from individuals, small businesses, and local governments, and toward organizations that are best positioned to ensure security and resilience—across public and private sectors.
    • A rebalance of incentives and investments between building a secure and resilient foundation for the future digital ecosystem and defending ourselves against urgent threats of the day.




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