Application for Consultant Membership

  1. Parties. This agreement is between the North American Generation Forum, Inc., and Consultant Applicant Name (“Consultant Applicant”).
  2. Consultant Applicant. The Consultant Applicant includes the parent company and all associated subsidiaries for which the parent company desires to include under their membership. The Consultant Applicants is not permitted to vote on Forum policies.
  3. Eligibility. The Consultant Applicant must be sponsored by a current Forum member by whom the Consultant Applicant is actively employed. Consultant Applicants may not sponsor other Consultant Applicants. The eligibility of the Consultant Applicant will be reviewed at least annually.
  4. Primary Representative. The Consultant Applicant represents that the signatory to this application will be the Consultant Applicant’s Primary Representative to the Forum, who has full authority to execute and deliver this Application for Membership on behalf of the Consultant Applicant.
  5. Forum Policies. The Consultant Applicant acknowledges receipt and review of the Forum Policies, and agrees to abide by current and future policies (as voted and approved by the Forum members) as a condition of participation in Forum activities. The Consultant Applicant further acknowledges and agrees that the condition of participation in Forum activities upon acceptance of the Forum Policies is reasonable and appropriate for the conduct of the Forum’s activities and the accomplishment of its purposes.
  6. Termination of Membership.
    • By the Forum. The Forum can terminate the Consultant Applicant’s membership in accordance with the Forum’s Policies in effect.
    • By the Consultant Applicant. The Consultant Applicant may terminate its membership at any time.