ERO CMEP IBR Practice Guide, NERC Project 2019-04 SAR v1, and DOE RFI for BPS Executive Order


ERO Enterprise CMEP Practice Guide – Inverter-Based Resources

The purpose of this CMEP Practice Guide is to provide guidance to ERO Enterprise CMEP staff (CMEP staff) with respect to information that should be considered when assessing the planning and operations of a registered entity’s inverter-based resources in relation to certain Reliability Standards. In particular, the Practice Guide outlines aspects that should be considered by CMEP staff in understanding how the registered entities have mitigated reliability risk, including risks that may not be addressed in specific Requirements. This most recent version has been updated to include a section on Type 1 and Type 2 wind turbines:

NERC Project 2019-04: Modifications to PRC-005-6 SAR v1 – NAGF Comments

The SAR v1 has been modified significantly and the scope expanded to include inverter-based resources: “other control systems that respond to electrical quantities and act to cease injecting current or trip BES elements either directly or via lockout or auxiliary tripping relays are within the scope of the standard”. The NAGF developed and submitted comments during the formal comment period. The NAGF comments are posted to the NAGF Groupsite file cabinet under the “PRC-005-6 AVR Protective Functions” directory.

NAGF Conference Call on DOE RFI for BPS Executive Order

The NAGF held this conference call/WebEx on 7-17-2020 to discuss member comments regarding the U.S. Department of Energy Request for Information (RFI) regarding the recent Bulk-Power System (BPS) Executive Order (EO). Over 150 participants attended this NAGF event. Feedback from participants is being used to develop draft NAGF comments for submittal. It is anticipated that the draft NAGF comments will be forwarded to membership for review/comment shortly.

***Note that the DOE has extended the public comment period for submitting comments on the RFI to August 24, 2020.



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