Battery Storage/Frequency Response Workshop and Improvements to Interconnection Requirements


NERC Reliability Guideline: Improvements to Interconnection Requirements for BPS-Connected Inverter-Based Resources

This guideline, developed by the IRPTF, provides recommended improvements to interconnection requirements developed per NERC Reliability Standard FAC-001-3 and interconnection studies per NERC Reliability Standard FAC-002-2, to ensure clarity and consistency for inverter-based resources. The Guideline covers all Inverter-Based Resources (IBR’s) above distribution level and is being utilized as the basis for writing the IEEE P2800: Standard for Interconnection and Interoperability of Inverter-Based Resources Interconnecting with Associated Transmission Electric Power Systems. The Reliability Guideline can be found at:

NAGF-ESIG-NERC Battery Storage, Hybrid Resources, Frequency Response, and Grid Services Workshop

This very successful workshop was held on Tuesday, September 17th & Wednesday, September 18th – 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM at the NERC Washington, D.C. Office and Atlanta Offices. Approximately 90 participants from FERC, NERC, and industry attended this workshop to discuss the growing technical, operational and economic concerns of the changing resource mix. There were six (6) discussion panels on the following topics:

  • Panel 1 – Technical capabilities of Battery Energy Storage Systems
  • Panel 2 – Hybrid projects: Motivations, Drivers and Challenges
  • Panel 3 – Planning, Interconnection and Modeling with Storage and Hybrids
  • Panel 4 – ISO/RTO Market Participation of Storage and Hybrids
  • Panel 5 – PFR and Grid Services Considerations – Conventional and Inverter Resources
  • Panel 6 – Policymaker viewpoints on Grid Services and Grid Transformation

The workshop agenda is located in the NAGF Groupsite file cabinet under the “NAGF Workshop” directory. The presentations are located on the NERC website:

For more information, please contact Al Schriver, NAGF COO


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